Carretera Austral – Ruta 7 in Chile / Patagonia (Documentary)

Carretera Austral – Ruta 7 in Chile / Patagonia (Documentary)

The Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) in the south of Chile is one of the most adventurous and scenic roads in Patagonia. In this small documentary you get to know about the route, the history and the sights along the way.
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Spots and Sights in this Video:
– Villa O’Higgins
– Candelario Mansilla
– Lago O’Higgins
– Cochrane
– Coyhaique
– Puerto Rio Tranquilla
– Capillas de Marmol (Marble Caves)
– Lago Bertrand
– Lago General Carrera
– Cerro Castillo
– Villa Manihuales
– Puyuhuapi
– La Junta
– Futaleufu
– Chaiten
– Hornopiren
– Puerto Montt
– Lago del Desierto

— About the Carretera Austral in Patagonie —
The Road number 7 connects the most remote areas of Chile and is one of the most beautiful roads in South America. It is an alternative road to the Panamericana which is located on the argentinean side of Patagonia.

Amongst Bikers and Cyclists this route is very popular due to the beautiful landscape even though the construction of the road was not done for tourism purpose.

In the 1970s there was a border conflict between Argentina and Chile in this part of Patagonia – the territories around the lago del desierto have not been clearly defined. Therefore Pinochet decided to build a road and populate the south of chile to claim the region and strengthen the position of Chile.

Nowadays the Carretera is a mostly unpaved road and is located in 2 regions of Chile: Region Los Lagos in the northern part of the road and Region Aysen in the south.

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